I’m Scott and I’ve been developing for the web since 2010, professionally for two years.

My skills include HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery, CoffeeScript, PHP and Ruby, along with experience in Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Magento and Expression Engine 2.


If you'd like to contact me about a project you can reach me via email, and if you'd like to e-stalk me you can do so on any of the below social networks.



For this project, Mima wanted to create a portfolio site that would quickly convey her considerable experience as a food stylist, so we decided to present the user with a wall of thumbnail images divided up into categories and by client, each of which can be expanded for a more detailed view.

This is a fully content managed Wordpress site.


Mark is a hairstylist who was looking to display his work in a big, bold and simple way, so for this project we chose to have each image fill the browser window, with the user able to navigate left and right to see more of his work.

It was built with the iPad in mind, as Mark was keen on presenting the site on photo shoots, and the user is able to navigate the gallery with a simple swipe.


Shireen is a freelance photographer who wanted to exhibit the work she's done over the years in different shoots and numerous countries. The design of the site is deliberately simple so as not to draw attention from the sizeable amount of images she has to share.